Chamber Low Carbon supports the Environment Agency’s 2025 ambitions

The Environment Agency have published their five-year plan to facilitate the UK’s path towards a greener and fairer country in 2025. EA2025 sets out the Environment Agency’s ambitions to build resilience to climate change, protect and restore our land, sea, air, and the valuable services they provide, and facilitate sustainable growth. The Environment Agency also reasserts its commitment to reducing its own emissions to net zero by 2030.

The report has been published against a backdrop of efforts to build, transform, and grow as we embark on our road to recovery from the pandemic. We are in a climate of change, and our emergence from difficult times presents a unique opportunity to ‘build back better’. Furthermore, this climate of change has come at the beginning of a critical decade for the future of our planet. The Environment Agency’s report addresses the sense of urgency that has stemmed from the convergence of a critical requirement to act on climate change, and a fleeting opportunity for change.

Chamber Low Carbon supports the ambitions of the Environment Agency and the strategy set out in EA2025. By supporting businesses with understanding and reducing their environmental impacts, we continue our contribution to supporting sustainable development, and protecting our natural environment. Additionally, East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce have taken responsibility for our contribution towards the UK’s net zero ambition through becoming a signatory of the International Chambers of Commerce Climate Coalition.

Such transformational change as is needed to address the economic and environmental challenges that we face, will be achieved through partnerships and cooperation. Chamber Low Carbon supports the Environment Agency’s 2025 ambitions and will continue to act to help businesses develop sustainably.