Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chamber Low Carbon

Just before we take a break for the Christmas period, we would like to finish with a good news story.
Celia Glaze from The Wellbeing Farm a member of East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and a participant on the Green Rose Programme, wanted to share some exciting sustainability news with us…“As you may know, I have three passions which underpin my business model: fun, wellbeing and sustainability…
When you work with llamas and donkeys, every day is fun.
We’ve done loads on wellbeing this year with the creation of a new business: the North West Centre for Business and Team Wellbeing and also co-founding Wellbeing Lancashire which is now a CIC.
But what about sustainability?
I am overjoyed to finish 2020 on a high with the launch of our new green sustainability website created by a sustainability graduate we have worked with – Leah Bennett.” and documenting:

  • Our pledge to be one of the most sustainable green and carbon-neutral venues in the UK
  • Our work on progressing towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Our Progress in becoming eco-friendly
  • Climate disclosure work
  • Our passion for sustainability
  • Green weddings and events
  • Environmental policy
  • Our role in the Community
  • Recognition for our work
  • What guests, staff and suppliers can do to support our sustainability work
  • Why are we doing this
  • Our intention to WASH your business – our WASH scheme stands for:
    • Wellbeing at our centre
    • Amazing nutritious food
    • Sustainable and safe
    • Happy and fun environment
Its fantastic to see a Local business passionate about sustainability and working towards COP26, if you would like any advice or support on your journey to Net Zero, please get in touch with the Chamber Low Carbon Team on 01254 356487.